Empowering Your Healthcare Needs with Quality Nurses Across the USA

StaffWRX takes pride in our rigorous candidate vetting process. We ensure that only the best candidates who exemplify dedication to clinical excellence and a commitment to their nursing field progress to the interview process with our clients. Our approach yields results, as our clients extend an employment offer to over 75% of the RN candidates they interview on average.

Matching your organization needs with international direct hire nurses of all specialties:

Acute Care Nurses
Long-term Care Nurses
Rehabilitation Nurses
Critical Care Nurses
Emergency Department Nurses
Operating Room Nurses
Pediatric Nurses
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses
Labor and Delivery Nurses
Oncology Nurses

Oncology Nurses
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurses
Home Health Nurses
Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses
Geriatric Nurses
School Nurses
Nurse Educators
Nurse Practitioners
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)
Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM)
Certified Wound Care Nurses

Why choose Staffwrx in finding excellent and competent registered nurses?

Staffwrx provides highly qualified and dedicated Filipino USRNs who have completed rigorous training and have years of experience in providing exceptional patient care. Filipino USRNs are known for their strong work ethic, commitment, and dedication to their profession. They have a reputation for being hardworking, compassionate, and highly adaptable to changing work environments.

Our Filipino USRNs are committed to long-term work with organizations and hospitals in the USA, and their expertise and knowledge make them an invaluable asset to any healthcare facility. Their commitment to providing top-quality care ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment.

When you choose Staffwrx, you can trust that you will receive exceptional staffing solutions with highly skilled and dedicated Filipino USRNs. We are dedicated to meeting your healthcare staffing needs and providing the best possible patient care.